20 Agustus 2012

Eid Mubarak {}

Well, two days before Ramadhan's end I open fasting with my good friend in SHS and my bff in JHS :*
But the most interesting time was open fasting with my JHS bff in Subha,Galeria. You know what? Because we've not meet each other for long time {}. And it is a new experience for me, at that day we must go home with crowded situation because there was TAKBIRAN fulfill every side of city HAHA :')

In the morning, I little bit hard to woke up, I still feel sleepy HAHA but after my mom shouted again and again I succed to wake up :p

Alhamdulillah, Finally after Moslems (including me) have ramadhan fasting in a month we have Eid Mubarak :* (in Bahasa : Idul Fitri ). But, in this year I can't join "Sholat Id" because I've got 'thing' that make me forbidden to do this (yeah I mean, once a month every women get 'thing' that make us not pure to do all prayer activity like Sholat, Read Qur'an )...

After "Sholat Id" as usually I and my brother "sungkem" to our parents, we apologized to them and beg their pray to make us better than before.. It was really heartwarming for me :')

Then, we visited neighbors to apologize each other. Next, we visited all of our family in Jogja. Befor that,I "nyekar" inmy grandparents cemetery :')

Yeah,  I hope next year I can meet Ramadhan again and I can join "Sholat Idul Fitri" in Eid Mubarak day , Amin :'))

#P.S. GOOD NEWS : I got much THR haha, BAD NEWS : I must paid 12 days fasting, can I do that ? I hope so :(  * I'm sorry if there's lot of wrong phrase and grammatical error. I still leraning ^^v

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